Social Reform

What are your convictions? What do you live for? What do you fight for? What charity do you donate to? What non-profit organization do you belong to? These are rhetorical questions accounting for a mutual consensus. Many people want to see some form of change, to contribute to some cause. Whether it is a cause for human, environmental and equal rights, animal cruelty, prison reform, free and fair elections and the list continues. What I am proposing like many advocacy groups like The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, and the like is a collaborative integrated approach rather then a segregated path.

Let me emphasize that scarcity and income disparity are no friends to peaceful coalition. “Scarcity breeds crime, conflict and anti-social behaviors.”1 So we are at a battle with time to unify and peacefully organize. It all boils down to this, we live in an antiquated obsolete system, an outdated social structure where efficiency, sustainability, human benefit and natural law comes secondary to greed and profit. The common denominator for our unification would be environmental, social and personal interest in conjunction.

Together undivided by parties, classes, ethnicities, nations, barriers and groups we can pivot the narrative from “that’s just the way it is” to “how can we fix it.” Together we can set the standard where it should be in the 21st century[…]

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Voting Reform

2016 will be remembered as the turning point of American democracy. The time to reform our democracy doesn’t successfully happen durning the general election it happens during off season. The suppression, injustice, black out, scandals, leaks, misinformation, and any other word that complies what was made obvious to Americans about our democracy and political process has liberated us for a collective effort in bringing democracy and voting reform. Until we demand change through organized voting and petitioning the powers that be will not concede. Many efforts and ideas are available in my blog about voting reform.

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My Seeds

My seeds is a blog about my collection of events, activities, and personal contributions to social reform. This blog is my personal journey of engagement with activism, and my engagement with those who are “crazy” enough to think they can bring change to a dying world. It’s important that I walk the walk and be the change I want to see in the world. I hope to inspire my visitors with this blog. “If you realize the problems and need for change then you are responsible.”

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Faces of Change: Pledge

Woody Allen is often credited for stating, “80% percent of success is showing up.” Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Allen could not be anymore right. Half of the importance of life is showing up; whether it’s physically, verbally, or mentally. However you choose to show up is based on your comfort level. We can not patiently wait for change, we must demand it by changing the narrative, by protesting, by civil disobedience, and other forms of activism to demand change. Until real reform becomes our priority we will remain a product of this system. Power will never concede, until it’s demanded to. So take this Faces of Change pledge with me today in saying, I will pledge to show up in life for social reform and positive change for the betterment of humanity[…]

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Prepare to sow

Buckminster Fuller once said, “I’m not trying to counsel any of you to do anything really special except dare to think. And to dare to go with the truth. And to dare to really love completely.” I’ll take it a step further and dare you to become unselfish. In world where survival of the fittest is our mission statement, we need to evolve from our selfishness into a more cooperative environment. Selfishness will ultimately be the destruction to our society. The objective in this paper is not to satisfy the reader, it is to make you the reader want more. It is to plant a seed of possibility. One’s sense of possibility of change is directly related to their knowledge. Several years ago I didn’t have the knowledge of what is mentioned in this paper and now that I do, I feel compelled to present it to others because of the time at hand.

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